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Formed at Cholet in 1956, Nicoll is now the top manufacturer in Europe of synthetic material products for construction and public works. Specialising in injection and extrusion, the company has celebrated its 50 years of existence and has been able to grow and adapt to the changes in the market by offering high-quality product ranges, while still remaining faithful to its founding values.

With over 6000 references in its catalogue, Nicoll employs 1000 people of which 220 work in logistics. The company turnover was 150 million euros in 2005, sporting a dynamism and innovative spirit that are fully intact.


The Nicoll world … 50 years of experience at the service of construction

Nicoll's product ranges are complete and allow the multiple constraints of construction projects to be dealt with. They have been grouped into three categories in order to facilitate discovering them and finding a response for your project:



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The world of Sanitary includes all of the pipe fittings for draining and washroom facility products to create draining installations for water in buildings:

• Fittings for PVC tubes and the acoustical Chutunic® system
• Traps for equipment and washing machines
• Floor drains and small traps for bathrooms and institutions
• Toilet fittings
• Network accessory devices, check valves, aerating stack valves, running traps
• Pipe rings
• Pressure fittings and ball valves
• Multilayer pipe and fittings

See the Drainage fittings range
See the acoustical single-stack Chutunic® drainage range
See the Washroom Facilities range
See the Pressure range


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The world of Construction includes all of the ranges to drain, protect and ventilate buildings:
•Range of fascia and soffit, with the related accessories.
• Trimming for roof overhanging.
• Range of ventilating cowls and cat flaps.
• Seals and anti-bird devices.
• Decorative valances.
• Conventional plastic and aluminium ventilating grates.
• Self-adjusting air inlets and acoustical air inlets.
• Miscellaneous accessories, ceiling traps, inspection panels, portholes

See the Gutter and and roofing accessories range
See the BELRIV® System fascia and soffit range
See the ventilation Grate range
See the Air Inlet range


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The world of the Environment includes all of the products used in collecting and managing water around buildings:
• Inspector chambers, traps, grates and floor plugs
• Drainage channels for removing run-off water in all environments.
• Fittings, traps and connection cases for sewage networks

See the Floor Equipment range
See the Sewage range
See the Drainage channels range

The spirit of innovation

At Nicoll, innovation is a philosophy, a state of mind, a constant challenge to be taken on: nothing is ever fully acquired, everything is subject to improvement. We work constantly to create products that are more functional, more beautiful and easier to implement.


Feedback from the field and a sense of detail, at the service of the installer

Developing Nicoll products is the fruit of a lot of experience in the field, getting feedback from professionals in the construction sector. Designed to improve installation comfort as much as possible, our products are made from high-precision components which each contribute to the overall effectiveness of the product. Behind the quality and effectives of Nicoll products, you'll find absolute accuracy in the design and a concern for detail, from a practical standpoint as well as from an aesthetical one.


Company certifications

Compliance with Quality standards

NICOLL, has been ISO 9001 version 2000 (AFAQ) certified since January 2003, mastering and controlling quality at all stages:
• Supply.
• Design.
• Production.
• Marketing.
• Shipping,....

This ensures uniformity in terms of the announced characteristics and services.

Compliance with Environmental standards
NICOLL, is ISO 14001 (AFAQ) certified and intends to confirm to all of its partners:
• Its will to consider preserving the environment as a priority.
• Its commitment to constantly improve its environmental performance and that of its products.

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